What is Offspring?

Offspring children's furniture is a capsule collection by College Woodwork, one of Canada's oldest and most enduring creators of household furniture. Offspring is designed to College Woodwork's high standards of quality, safety and eco-friendliness while providing heirloom furniture that's created for kids - and parents - at every age and every stage. 

Offspring Furniture by College Woodwork was created to allow parents to give their children beautiful, safe, heirloom-quality and affordable furniture. We believe that all children deserve the best, and our purpose is to allow all parents to provide the best to their children.


We believe all baby and children’s furniture needs to be 100% safe. What does this mean?

All coatings and stains used by Offspring are formulated carefully in accordance with the “Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008”. Therefore, these stains contain NO lead, phtalates, antimony, arsenic, cadmium or mercury.

Sleep soundly knowing that your baby or child is sleeping safely.


We believe all baby and children’s furniture needs to be heirloom quality. What does this mean?

Offspring furniture is constructed solidly and entirely from sustainably grown timber, with no MDF or particle board. Our furniture is designed to grow with your child beyond his or her baby years.


We believe all baby and children’s furniture needs to be sustainable. What does this mean?

Caring for our children doesn’t just mean raising them: it means committing to keeping the planet safe for our children as they grow up. College Woodwork is committed to a sustainable production process for all of our furniture, including Offspring, to create a better world for all of our children.

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All Offspring furniture is GreenGuard Gold Certified. What does this mean?

GreenGuard certification is a goal for many manufacturers of children's furniture, but only select manufacturers are able to meet this strict safety standard of very low levels of chemical emissions. GreenGuard Gold is the higher of the two GreenGuard levels and is the standard that is especially indicated for schools and healthcare facilities where children and other "sensitive individuals" spend much of their time. 

Every item of Offspring furniture is GreenGuard Gold certified, which means that you can feel comfortable that your baby or child is sleeping safe from harmful chemicals. Find out more about GreenGuard.


What is College Woodwork, and why should I choose a College Woodwork product?

At College Woodwork, we take pride in creating solid wood furniture of outstanding beauty, design, and value. Since 1921, we have been one of the foremost Canadian manufacturers of heirloom-quality home furnishings. All of our furniture is ethically made in Canada of sustainable materials and meets the highest standards of safety and quality. Offspring is a College Woodwork product and is created to the same standard as any other College Woodwork piece.

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